There are simply some things one cannot say…

It is true. Blogging on a university hosted server comes with strings.  That is not a bad thing.  Good blog writers are accountable for what they post and should be held accountable for their words.  A university blog, however, is a reflection of the values of the university host. ..regardless of the intent of the writer.

So.  Here I am.  This blog is a home for personal reflecti0ns.  Some of the posts will be very academic sounding because…well, they will be very academic.  Some stories will be fun.  Life is far too short to live without humor.  I hope that many of the posts are engaging and enlightening.  Technology in education is a personal passion and I expect that passion to spill over.

If you wish to comment, debate, or criticize in a civil manner, you are welcome here.  Otherwise, seek life elsewhere.

In the meantime, if we meet online or in real life, Just Call Me Paul.


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